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        中文版 | ENGLISH
        Spring For High-pressure Switches
        Spring of Locomotive
        Extension Springs
        Mould Spring
        Motorcycle Absorber Springs
        Torsion Spring
        Suspension Spring
        Hot Coiled Spring
        Serpentine spring
        Volute Spring
        Compression Spring
        Special-shape Spring
        About us  

          ZHEJIANG MINGFENG SPRING CO.,LTD Is located southeast our country, Zhejiang province .Our company has a professional production of spring for 30 years. Mainly produces Suspension Spring、Motorcycle Absorber Spring、Hot Coiled Spring 、Mould Spring 、Clutch Spring 、Extension Spring、Torsion Spring and other spring.
          We started to produce spring in 1980. In 1990 , ZHEJIANG MINGFENG SPRING CO.,LTD has been founded. The enterprise applied a requisition of 90 mu of land ,and founded our subsidiary corporation ZHEJIANG ZHAOFENG SPRING CO.,LTD in 2009 which passed the China Railways Corporation System Certification(CRCC) in2011.
          The enterprise passed ISO9001∶2008 the quality system authentication early, the advanced management idea, the strict quality control, the high quality post-sale service and the product performance-to-price ratio, enable you to buy gratifyingly, with reassurance. We also have the right to import and export that our productions are exported to America, Europe ,South America, Southeast Aisa and other countries.
          Our company has 10 senior technical and over 100 employees.
          We believe that the whole staff participation improves the customer to strive for perfection, to accompany the hand cooperation continually, altogether to create supremely win-win

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